Christmas in July!!

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Are you ready to change your life and take control of your health and wellness?!  Today, through midnight Monday (7/22-7/25), when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit through me, you will receive a FREE bottle of Young Living’s Christmas Spirit Essential Oil as a thank you!! I will also send you resources to get started with your oils as well as my personal support along the way!  There are no monthly spending or sales requirements to enjoy the 24% wholesale membership!  Follow this link if you’re ready to get started!!

More Than Little Bottles of Oil

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One of the many reasons I have fallen in LOVE with Young Living is because they have the whole person in mind.  From Essential Oils that support and encourage wellness to chemical free options for cleaning your home!  Here are some of the many (but NOT all) of the awesome products that they offer.

Thieves Cleaning and Personal Care Products!

Inspired by a medieval legend of four thieves who used a special aromatic blend of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals while robbing the dead and dying!  This line of products is safe, natural, and smells amazing!!  The Thieves Household Cleaner and Aromabright toothpaste are a couple of Young Living products my home will never be without!

Thieves Cleaning products    11289100_1565644467043218_7262232905726312673_o

Nutritional Products!

From NingXia Red (a powerful superfruit supplement) to the Slique Weight Management line, Young Living offers an abundance of support for whatever your health needs may be!  My favorite, so far, is the NingXia Red. It features pure essential oils, wolfberry puree, and other vitamin-rich fruits that supply the body with antioxidants and provides great energy support!

Young Living Nutrition       Slique

Facial and Skin Care

Young Living’s premium skin-care line provide the highest quality botanical and essential oil ingredients. They hydrate, cleanse, nourish and improve the appearance of your skin!  This is a Young Living line I am new to and can’t wait to get started with!  I will check back with you all when I have used them for a week or two!  Stay tuned for a customer review!  😉


So!  These are just a few of my favorites! You can check out the other great products at and always feel free to contact me with questions!  Also remember!!  With a membership with Young Living you can purchase these and all of their other fantastic products at 24% off retail price!  Let me help you get started today!!

There’s an Essential Oil for That! Part 2!

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keep calm

And today, it’s JOY!


At first, I wasn’t too sure about Joy but it has become one of my favorites over the last couple of months! In fact, I now use it daily!  This very floral blend contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose.  It provides fantastic support to the nervous system, skin, and may also be helpful in coping with depression or grief (apply over your heart).

Another favorite use for this oil, I put a few drops on a damp wash cloth and add it to my dryer when drying our clothes!  They come out smelling like Heaven!!  I also really like this oil in the diffuser with a couple of drops of Lemon essential oil.  Very calming and uplifting!!

There’s an Essential Oil for That! Part 1

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keep calm

Today it’s Cedarwood!


Cedarwood is the oil I have been reaching for the most lately! It has a mild, sweet, woody scent and has been used for numerous purposes throughout history. It’s name is mentioned multiple times in the Bible and the Ancient Egyptians used it for embalming the dead, in cosmetics, and as an insect repellent! It is recognized for its calming, purifying effects. It also provides great support for skin and hair!  I find that a little Cedarwood helps me unwind and relax at the end of the day and helps promote a good nights sleep!